Everybody want to improve themselves in one way or the other. 

I read and found some of the ways that are listed below to constantly improve ourselves.

  • Reading books.Nothing can stand with books in improving personality and attitude.
  • Work daily towards the aim,because constant working can take you higher.
  • Be optimist in recieving feedbacks and critiques.
  • Ready to accept the changes.
  • Spend time with people who encourages your growth.
  • Never leave your passion at any cost.It can bring a huge change without our knowledge.
  • Listen people who speak about their experience.

Like seven days in a week,these seven ways can bring an                                 

To be great you must act great  



Most of the cases I wonder how the celebrities have silky smooth flawless hair.Almost all of us wish to have silky smooth hair but what left is damaged frizzy hair.Today I am going to share my egg therapy to smoothen your hair.

I actually have smooth hair near roots and rough and frizzy hair from mid ends to tips. Many recommended me conditioner but I never stick to it because it has lots of chemicals that actually make damage hair worse.

Trying many tips that I heard from many and those found on internet.I found this customised egg therapy very apt for hair smoothening if used regularly.

You require

full eggs ( depending upon length and volume of your hair)

Almond oil (4 to 5 tblspoons)to get rid of egg smell


Take an old towel to cover your shoudler,neck from the mask.Mix well both the ingredients and start applying as your wish from the roots to tip.Cover the mask with  shower cap.

leave for about 30 to 40 minutes.Now wash it with tap water.For best results don’t use the shampoo for washing.You can use the shampoo the next day.Try this remedy once in 15 days I assure you will get silky smooth hair.

Egg also contains proteins which will help the hair to become lustrous and strong.

Do give it a try!!!!

follow for more tips and your feeedback.



Kudos to Finland education system!They top among the educational systems globally.How such a thing is possible.This blog is all about Finland educational system that I read recently in a newspaper which made me to longing to get education in Finland.


This quote has been given by Nelson mandela.

Broad and creative learning is the policy in Finland.99% of the kids get their basic education in Finland.

Finland believes in equity in education.Even the sons of the billionares or the millionares study in the same school as a normal middleclass kid.No private sectors involved in providing education.Government has the complete control over the education.

Kids only at the age of seven enter schooling here.Finland allows kids to have more time to remain as kids.Below age of seven no kids enter the schooling.For first three years the children are kept with utmost caring.There is less class room hours.They allow the kids to learn through playing and exploring rather than locked up in classroom.

Classroom education is not encouraged here as they do not increase the intellectual property.A special thing which will surprise all of us is there is a separate room for the kids to take rest when they don’t feel good.

NO HOMEWORK IS GIVEN TO STUDENTS.An another feature which adds to it is there is no ranking system Finland.Not any kid’s performance is revealed publicly.Only if parent’s wish they can privately enquire with teachers.This method never discourages children in learning.

TUITION CULTURE is not all introduced here.No such word can be heard here.

Of all the jobs TEACHING is considered as the most prestigious job in this country.Teachers are also involved in making government policies.

Entering into teaching is not all easy here in Finland.One can enter into this field with seven years of training under different fields.

Such a renaissance in education can be bought only when no compromises have been made in moulding teachers.

Lets appreciate and learn from Finns.

Hello guys ,  today i am going to share about homemade face pack (can be used daily) that i am using currently. i have a sensitive skin . it is also good for pimple prone skin.

Materials required:

  1. green gram flour also known as mung bean  ( available in Indian  stores) or buy green gram ,dry it under sunlight for few hours and grind it . i would  recommend homemade powder instead of buying it  from stores.
  2. water
  3. rose petal powder (optional)
  4. gram flour (optional)

Take an amount of green gram flour  that would probably need for your face and mix with water till you get the  consistency of paste. wash your face with tap water and apply the paste and gently massage it.leave the pack for 5 to 10 minutes.

 allow it to dry till you feel like cracks on your face and wash with water .while washing massage the pack to remove the dirt that has accumulated.take an amount of green gram.leave the pack for 5 to 10 minutes.

wash it off with tap water. it may be better if used in evening .because while day time we get lot of dirt accumulated on our face it will remove them.You will instantly feel smoothness on your face.

Use this instead buying scrubs and facewashes from shops which has lot of chemical in it which may also cause side effects.


give it a try and post your comments.follow for more tips.


Ultimately the world to any bookworm is the‘BOOK’ . I am not not an avid reader but i read books that i foud if it is of my kind. Even i read once in a blue moon I pay attention to the place i left .

My kind of bookmarks  are cool cartoon characters, crazy wordages.

       Have you ever tried on making your own bookmarks?

As soon as I need a bookmark, I usually grab whatever I can find such as scrap of paper or sheets etc..rather than the ones available for costs.

Believe me you feel great and have fun if you do such creative things on your own than just being  a spectator.

here by i am going to share some of the bookmarks done by me!

bm 1
just a random one!!
minny minions!!!

hahahahhhaaaa!!!!! See how funny i have created.i even feel childish to do such things. lol! bring the kindergarten that has hidden in you.




An intuition that thrives everybody to move out of their dearest bed will be their craving desire.However most of the population wake up with lots of expectations ,do’s and don’ts .Some may have pre planned for the day.

According to me: ” AN EARLY RISER ACCOMPLISHES EARLIER”. To be frank I am an early riser but the above mentioned quote never suits about me. I am just trying to accomplish earlier by rising early.Most of the successful people start their day  as early as possible.Going for a jog or walk in the nearest park or beach can replenish mind and soul so that you can get the fullest of yours for the day.

Also why it is said such a saying  is if we rise early in the morning we can find much time so that work can be done in a pleasant way without any stress.See rising early cannot be done all of a sudden like a thing to be done on machine because only the machine can adopt new things quickly when a program is inserted.Ofcourse we are all humans any habit cannot be adopted easily by us.I think that every thing will come best in you when you try.try.try.

If you are an early riser, it’s well and good.But for those who try to wake early it will a hardest thing that you never experience.The best tips to wake early are

  • go to bed early
  • keep an alarm
  • plan accordingly such that few works are left to be done on morning
  • make some new plans with your friends
  • do some grooming activities to impress your boy friends

these are the tips to be followed at first when you try to wake early.Later when get  used to it you can do as your wish.

have fun rising early!!!!


heaTo STAY better , take bitter suits for everything in this universe. It is true at all times .Not any one situation can stand against this quote.Now its all about a fruit which is bitter and if it is taken , makes the way better.

Quite number of wild guesses can be done on fruit that I am going to share today. That is the citron fruit which is a citrus fruit.The benefits from  the citron fruit that cannot be given thumbs down to are 

  • Anyform of continuous citron intake can purify your blood.The impure blood has low WBC therefore it affects the immunity.
  • Citron juice stops vomiting , thus increases the appetite. Daily consumption of citron cools and refreshes the body.Stomach ulcers,parasites can also be prevented by citron intake.
  • Rise in pitta in our body causes giddiness,taking citron on empty stomach gives relief from it.Patients can take this fruit to get quick relief.Gives strength to pregnant women if citron juice taken twice a day with honey.
  • Citron pickle gives cure from digestion problems. citron juice with hot water relieves gas trouble.


In India most of our grandparents have a knowledge about pickle preparation. Ironically we never know to prepare pickle in our home.

So I am going to share this recipe , so that there is no need to depend on stores.

Cut the citron fruit into small pieces after removing its seeds and add salt.Store the mixture in earthen pot by covering it with cloth.dry under sunlight for sometime at regular intervals for 40 days.after this your pickle is ready.You can have it and enjoy its benefits.

The citron juice can be prepared as same as lemon juice.


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