Hello guys ,  today i am going to share about homemade face pack (can be used daily) that i am using currently. i have a sensitive skin . it is also good for pimple prone skin.

Materials required:

  1. green gram flour also known as mung bean  ( available in Indian  stores) or buy green gram ,dry it under sunlight for few hours and grind it . i would  recommend homemade powder instead of buying it  from stores.
  2. water
  3. rose petal powder (optional)
  4. gram flour (optional)

Take an amount of green gram flour  that would probably need for your face and mix with water till you get the  consistency of paste. wash your face with tap water and apply the paste and gently massage it.leave the pack for 5 to 10 minutes.

 allow it to dry till you feel like cracks on your face and wash with water .while washing massage the pack to remove the dirt that has accumulated.take an amount of green gram.leave the pack for 5 to 10 minutes.

wash it off with tap water. it may be better if used in evening .because while day time we get lot of dirt accumulated on our face it will remove them.You will instantly feel smoothness on your face.

Use this instead buying scrubs and facewashes from shops which has lot of chemical in it which may also cause side effects.


give it a try and post your comments.follow for more tips.


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