Kudos to Finland education system!They top among the educational systems globally.How such a thing is possible.This blog is all about Finland educational system that I read recently in a newspaper which made me to longing to get education in Finland.


This quote has been given by Nelson mandela.

Broad and creative learning is the policy in Finland.99% of the kids get their basic education in Finland.

Finland believes in equity in education.Even the sons of the billionares or the millionares study in the same school as a normal middleclass kid.No private sectors involved in providing education.Government has the complete control over the education.

Kids only at the age of seven enter schooling here.Finland allows kids to have more time to remain as kids.Below age of seven no kids enter the schooling.For first three years the children are kept with utmost caring.There is less class room hours.They allow the kids to learn through playing and exploring rather than locked up in classroom.

Classroom education is not encouraged here as they do not increase the intellectual property.A special thing which will surprise all of us is there is a separate room for the kids to take rest when they don’t feel good.

NO HOMEWORK IS GIVEN TO STUDENTS.An another feature which adds to it is there is no ranking system Finland.Not any kid’s performance is revealed publicly.Only if parent’s wish they can privately enquire with teachers.This method never discourages children in learning.

TUITION CULTURE is not all introduced here.No such word can be heard here.

Of all the jobs TEACHING is considered as the most prestigious job in this country.Teachers are also involved in making government policies.

Entering into teaching is not all easy here in Finland.One can enter into this field with seven years of training under different fields.

Such a renaissance in education can be bought only when no compromises have been made in moulding teachers.

Lets appreciate and learn from Finns.


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