Most of the cases I wonder how the celebrities have silky smooth flawless hair.Almost all of us wish to have silky smooth hair but what left is damaged frizzy hair.Today I am going to share my egg therapy to smoothen your hair.

I actually have smooth hair near roots and rough and frizzy hair from mid ends to tips. Many recommended me conditioner but I never stick to it because it has lots of chemicals that actually make damage hair worse.

Trying many tips that I heard from many and those found on internet.I found this customised egg therapy very apt for hair smoothening if used regularly.

You require

full eggs ( depending upon length and volume of your hair)

Almond oil (4 to 5 tblspoons)to get rid of egg smell


Take an old towel to cover your shoudler,neck from the mask.Mix well both the ingredients and start applying as your wish from the roots to tip.Cover the mask with  shower cap.

leave for about 30 to 40 minutes.Now wash it with tap water.For best results don’t use the shampoo for washing.You can use the shampoo the next day.Try this remedy once in 15 days I assure you will get silky smooth hair.

Egg also contains proteins which will help the hair to become lustrous and strong.

Do give it a try!!!!

follow for more tips and your feeedback.



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